Our Story

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Imagine luxury in pink, as strong as titanium, resistant to corrosion.
PITANIUM is the pink titanium spaceship on your adventurous voyage.

In today's tech world, we redefine quality of life. Our products transcend age and skin tone, offering innovative technology and researched formulas for the best living experience. We focus on enhancing your user experience, from product functionality to application methods, all rooted in love!

minusplus brand image

An open mindset fuels our creativity. We share product principles, application methods, and skincare secrets with our BESTIES. Join us on a skincare journey filled with wonder and discovery.

We approach skincare with curiosity, empowering users to enjoy their routines. Skincare should be fun! Let us guide you toward flawless skin that radiates from within. Experience Pitainum Skin Supplements and let your beauty shine brighter!